Past Events - Photos and Presentations

04/27/2023 = Sustainability in South Florida Expert Panel Discussion

CoreNet Global Southeast Florida Chapter hosted an panel discussion with subject matter experts who shared about the topic of sustainability at the Tower Club to celebrate Earth Month. Panelists included Beth Doehner – Sustainability Program Manager at Tarkett, Mital Hall – Vice President, Sustainability Services from JLL, and John Scott – Regional Managing Director, Real Estate Management at Colliers. They discussed how manufacturers of building interiors are designing products differently to play a role in the circular economy, how stakeholders in the corporate real estate profession are perceiving sustainability trends and applying them to projects, and how new standards are making building interiors more sustainable and forever impacting the design of workplace environments.  The need to make sustainable choices was discussed, especially due to the uptick in hurricanes in South Florida. John Scott – Regional Managing Director, Real Estate Management at Colliers emphasized just how important it is for facilities to be hardened to avoid property losses, which can prevent tons of building waste from being disposed of in local landfills. 

03/14/2023 = One Company’s Return to Work Strategy Done Right

CoreNet Global Southeast Florida Chapter visited the offices of UKG in Weston to hear from subject matter experts Jonathan Proffitt – Vice President of Global Workplace at UKG and John J. Boyle III – Executive Vice Chairman at Cushman & Wakefield. Topics reviewed by both panelists and attendees during the discussion included: how leadership impacts bringing employees back, how design of the built environment must adapt to make a way for collaboration, and how more advanced technology is required to analyze space utilization. The presentation was followed by a site tour and networking luncheon.

10/26/2022 = Young Leaders Social Redefines Luxury Tequila

CoreNet Global Southeast Florida Chapter hosted it's Young Leaders Social at the Diageo Brands Coral Gables client experience center.  Young leaders and more seasoned professionals from the corporate real estate industry received a presentation by Laz Gonzalez, Advisor for Diageo Hospitality Partnership, regarding the nuances of how luxury tequila is produced, evaluated, and savored. Our co-host, Wilson Martini, who heads up Diageo's Corporate Real Estate Transactions, also described how he is involved in the acquisition of land and addition of facilities to support the exponential growth of Don Julio tequila.